Benefits at home

Stream films, download music and play games online

Improved download and upload speeds

Fibre broadband isn't just faster when downloading, increased upload speed can be a real game changer. Share content in seconds - even HD video.
Social networking sites, such as Facebook, are getting bigger – and it's not just the amount of people, it's the content – more videos, more pictures, more links to other sites. YouTube video channels, online photo albums, live music streaming and personalised radio stations. People are increasingly storing photos, documents, music and video online – in the cloud – rather than on the computer at home.


Simultaneous use

Do more online all at the same time.
Now you can do the weekly shopping from the kitchen table, watch Hollywood blockbusters and download new songs whenever you want and share photos or play games with friends all over the world. And all at the same time.
People are already used to TV being delivered over phone lines – and now expect it to be HD or 3D. Video on demand and catch-up services, like BBC iPlayer, are becoming the norm. Using the internet for cheap telephone calls was once cutting edge. Now, 40 per cent of calls through Skype are video calls.


Stay in touch with friends and family

Get family, friends and colleagues from around the world together for a chat with smooth, seamless video calling and webcams, or share photos and videos in seconds.


Stream films, download music and play games online

With fibre broadband you can download the latest blockbuster before the popcorn goes pop, or stream your favourite TV show instantly. 
Download music tracks in about two seconds, and download a whole music album in about 30 seconds! 
Play games online - with fibre broadband, you're only limited by your reflexes - not your internet speed!