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Digital Health Check
Could your business be boosted by doing more online? Test your digital knowledge with our 5 minute check!

Vlogs, blogs and webinars

A number of vlogs, blogs and webinars have been created to guide businesses with top digital marketing tips and give ideas to expand their online efforts.

Fast Tips to help your business gain a competitive advantage

Discover top business tips on four key digital areas: Cloud, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Finance.

Boost your business video

Hear from five Essex businesses as they explain first hand in a short video how superfast broadband has made a difference to them at work.

Broadband for Essex businesses

With many businesses already able to take advantage of faster speeds, the new connectivity is having a massive impact for small and medium sized businesses in particular – helping them enjoy benefits that until now have been reserved for larger corporate enterprises.

This area of the website provides advice on how to choose the superfast broadband service that is right for your business. If you are not yet covered by the rollout, we are also explaining how you might benefit from alternative ways to get online. 

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Download our broadband for business brochure.

The benefits of superfast broadband for your business 

Whatever your business needs are:  attracting customers, trading online, making use of the latest technologies such as cloud computing, communicating with colleagues across the UK and abroad - or simply having an online presence - the right broadband connection is essential.  Find out more.

What are your broadband options?

There are a wide range of fibre-based, wired or wireless technologies available that can provide your business with the speed you need. Find out more

Find and compare business broadband providers

Or try one of these comparison sites:

Want to get the best from your broadband connection? Try these tips…

There are a number of things that can affect the speed of your broadband connection. Try these tips to get the best from your broadband connection. Find out more    

Digital marketing, the key to success?

The online marketing world is fast paced, making it hard for businesses to stay up to date with the latest digital marketing tools required for successful online marketing. Business Connected is aware that growing a business takes more than just good business acumen and has made it their job to know what works. They’ve developed a 12-month digital marketing course to share their tried and tested knowledge with business owners and marketing professionals that want to brush up on the latest technology. Their ‘how-to’ guide comes from a real business sense and includes monthly topics from advertising on Facebook in the most cost-effective way, to a guide of how to use Google Adwords.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, find out more: The course can be joined at any time. 

SuperConnected Business Conference 

Superfast Essex hosted a conference to inspire businesses to think about digital connectivity as a driver for commercial success. The free one-day conference was held on Thursday 7th June 2016 at Chelmsford City Racecourse. The event brought together key policy makers and innovative and inspirational business leaders, as well as cutting-edge experts in digital broadband provision. 

Copies of a selection of the presentations shown on the day can be viewed here.

Find out if your business can get superfast broadband

Use our Interactive Map to find out if fibre broadband is already available in your area, or if an upgrade is planned soon.

If superfast broadband isn't available to your business yet...

...and isn’t included in the Superfast Essex Programme rollout plans, you may be interested in our interim solution for those with the slowest internet speeds - the Basic Broadband Scheme.  You may also register your demand for fibre by completing ourMake the Connection survey.  We take this information into account during future planning.

Video case study

Chris Futcher, Owner of Schwartz Printing, Brentwood, talks about the great improvements superfast broadband has made to his commercial printing business. Fibre broadband became available at the Hutton Industrial Estate cabinet his business is connected to in August 2014. More on Schwartz Printing at:

Keep your business safe online

The government has issued several Cyber Security guides to help UK businesses look after their online security.  For more information follow this link.

What speed do you need?

Discover how broadband speeds are measured, the difference between download and upload speeds and how fast ‘superfast’ is. Read more.