Commercial operators

If the status for your premises on the interactive rollout map uses the following phrasing, the superfast broadband service will be available or planned from one of the commercial broadband network operators listed below.

- 'Fibre or wireless broadband available or planned (not by Superfast Essex)'
- 'Fibre or wireless broadband available or planned (in addition to Superfast Essex work)'
- 'Fibre or wireless broadband available or planned (not by Superfast Essex). Not eligible for Superfast Essex investment whilst availability is being monitored.'

As part of an Open Market Review (OMR) held in July 2016, Superfast Essex asked all broadband network operators to inform us where superfast broadband coverage is available or planned in Essex. In addition, Superfast Essex launched a public consultation from 31 July 2017 for one month to reassess the availability of superfast broadband across Essex to ensure our data is accurate for future rollout plans.

During the OMR process, five commercial broadband network operators responded and made us aware of their coverage.

In order to ascertain which network operator can serve your property (if one of the above statuses is shown on the map), you can follow the links below to discover what services are available to you:

  • Openreach (Click on the hyperlink and enter your address to see the broadband speeds available at your property. You will need to look for the highest number under the ‘Downstream Line Rate (Mbps)’ column and whether the label on the left hand side is FTTC, VDSL or ADSL. Ignore if the table indicates FTTP on Demand is available.) (Openreach's network is an open access network which means multiple internet service providers offer broadband services on this network)
  • County Broadband
  • Gigaclear (This is an open access network which means multiple internet service providers offer broadband services on this network)
  • Virgin Media
  • WarwickNet (Superfast Essex is aware superfast broadband services from WarwickNet are planned and not yet available)
  • Colchester Borough Council (this is a project being delivered by Colchester Borough Council and County Broadband. It is only available in Colchester Borough, and not applicable elsewhere. Contact County Broadband to find out more, link above.)

The individual broadband network operators' responses to the OMR are commercially sensitive which is why Superfast Essex cannot publish which broadband network operator serves your property on the interactive map. If you have contacted all of the above network operators and none are able to provide access to a superfast service, please contact Superfast Essex via our online contact form.

Commercial operators have three years to deploy their commercial plans as stated to Superfast Essex in their OMR submission and Superfast Essex will have very little sway on the prioritisation of the planned rollout. Should any commercial operator plans change, Superfast Essex will seek to make the property eligible for inclusion in the programme's future rollout plans.

Please remember, nobody is automatically connected when superfast broadband becomes available, you need to contact a service provider and ask to buy a broadband service. You can view a list of broadband service providers selling broadband in Essex here.